It is likely that religious matters will come up from time to time during your marriage. Of course, by this time, the two of you should have it worked out how things will operate on that level but getting the families on the same page may be more difficult.

So, there is a minimum critical mass that a hotel must achieve for its doors to remain open and therefore it is better for a hotel to get some money than no money at all. As a result, many hotels are offering sweetheart deals that have never been heard of before. It is therefore important to be alert and on the lookout for special deals.

Start a Pinterest. if you don’t know what this is, it is nothing short of inspiration genius! It is a virtual binder that will keep all your amazing wedding ideas in a nice organized website just for you. You can search just about anything, find some things you love, pin them and they will be there when you want to find them again! It’s amazing and waiting for you to use it!

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